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Our Frozen Cell Sample inventory

  • Bone Marrow

    • hematological donors, lymphoma, multiple myeloma

Bone Marrow samples

Bone marrow is the smooth, rubbery material found inside the hollow shells of bones responsible for producing new blood cells. It is a major source of stem cells because the immature cells and stem cells within can develop into white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.

Geneticist offers a variety of bone marrow samples taken from normal and diseased patients. We receive our samples from an established network of certified hospitals and physicians who use healthy donor volunteers. Samples are drawn from the posteriorior iliac crest with a syringe containing an anticoagulant. We offer a pathology report on all samples along with age, sex, ethnicity, tumor size, disease stage, procurement date, and treatment history if applicable.

The key applications for fresh bone marrow samples are:

  • treatment research

  • biomarker tracking

  • toxicology

  • cancer stem cells

  • genetics research

  • single-cell analysis

  • immune response observation