We are obligated to ensure privacy on an optimal level.

Geneticist is unconditionally committed to patient care.  We make sure that all clinical materials collected from our donors do not obstruct patient care.

Demanding procedures are precisely developed to protect our donors’ privacy, moral values and confidentiality, including coding procedures for all materials and associated clinical information to ensure donor’s identity is kept absolutely private.

All clinical materials are obtained by official protocols in conjunction with appropriate Institutional Review Boards and Independent Ethical Committee’s (IRB/IEC) approval, which operates in accordance with current Federal Regulations. We correspond with ICH, HIPPA, and GCP guidelines to protect human subjects and donors.


Ethical Practices

At Geneticist, we have defined and developed strong bioethical policies and state-of-the-art procedures to achieve the highest ethical standards in all of our operations. All donors are protected by anonymity and are legally informed by documentation of Consent, which clearly states medical research purpose intentions and the potential benefits of scientific discovery to support longer human life in the future. All clinical specimens are absolutely obtained with signed Consents of our donors.



All specimens are collected under a strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Quality Control is performed on 100% of collected tissue samples. From excision to storage to shipment, each specimen is handled with care and precision to ensure that the highest quality specimens are delivered to our customers. 

IRB and Protocols will be available upon request

we are proud of our adherence to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION'S Ethical standards.

We assure absolute patient confidentiality at all times. Please contact us to find out more about our patient confidentiality policies.