Custom Collection Services

We design custom extraction collections for a wide variety of clinical initiatives. Our staff of molecular biologists, pathologists, and other laboratory professionals are available to assist you with the special and unique processing needs. Geneticist has an extensive procurement procedure which is used for custom collections. Our biorepository is IRB compliant and maintained with optimum standards to ensure the highest quality of collection and inventory management. We are able to provide clients with access to human tissue samples in a variety of formats using our extensive procurement and inventory management process.

Geneticist provides the following services:

  • site monitoring

  • access to a network of clinics and hospitals to help clients with their unique and difficult procurement assignments

  • longitudinal study support, specimens collection from time of diagnosis throughout the treatment cycles and beyond. Such studies include standard and specific clinical data information

  • biomaterials storage

  • clinical and pharmacogenomic study support

  • medical history and follow-ups provision

  • technical R&D support/service

  • custom assay development and validation

  • collection Protocol development

  • development of Patient Informed Consent form (if necessary)

  • EC/IRB submission

  • equipment and supplies provision

  • training

  • project management and logistics coordination

All clinical materials obtained by Geneticist are followed by official protocols in conjunction with appropriate Institutional Review Boards and Independent Ethical Committee’s (IRB/IEC) approval, which operates in accordance with the current Federal Regulations. We correspond with ICH, HIPPA, and GCP guidelines to protect human subjects and donors.